Snacking while on the AIP diet… It's not as easy as running over to your local bakery and picking up a muffin and a latte, but that doesn't mean there aren't a ton of options.

Watch the video to see and hear the options I recommend or skip down below to read the list!


AIP Snack Ideas

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1. Olives – black, green, or kalamata are fine. Just make sure not to get the green ones with pimentos, as pimentos are not AIP-compliant (they're a nightshade). Also look for cans or jars of olives that are just olives, salt, and water.

2. Coconut Butter – also known as coconut manna or coconut concentrate. This has a nice subtle sweet flavor so it's great for when that sweet tooth hits and you want some fat instead.

3. EPIC Bars – Several of the EPIC Jerky Bars are AIP-compliant, for example, the Beef Apple Bacon and the Salmon ones.

4. Plantain Chips – perfect for scooping up some homemade guacamole. I love the Inka Chips brand for scooping up dips because they're thick and the Terra Chips brand for eating without anything else (they're thinner).

5. Sweet Potato Chips – look for the ones made with coconut oil. Jackson's Honest makes some delicious ones.

6. Cassava Chips these by Artisan Tropic are a delicious replacement for potato chips

7. Kombucha – preferably homemade or storebought ones without a ton of added sugar or non-compliant ingredients

8. Prosciutto – fresh, straight from the package.

9. Porkitos – baked prosciutto chips using this recipe by NomNom Paleo

10. Roasted Acorn squash or Sweet Potato – serve with coconut butter, cinnamon and sea salt for a really satiating snack


Autoimmune Paleo AIP Diet Snack ideas

11. Avocado – with some lime juice squirted over it or as a guac (mashed avocado, lime juice, salt, cilantro, minced smashed garlic)

12. Veggies  – like carrots, celery, broccoli, cauliflower, cucumbers, radishes

13. Pork Rinds (make sure ingredients are compliant) . – I like the ones by US Wellness Meats

14. Mashed cauliflower – with coconut oil

15. Additive-free bacon – it doesn't HAVE to be sugar-free like if you're doing a Whole30, but it's a good idea. I like the bacon from US Wellness Meats

16. Small portions of leftover food

17. Sardines – don't knock these until you've tried them!

18. Coconut flakes – plain or toasted. Toasted make a fun customizable snack – here's how to make these.


19. Bone broth

20. Tigernuts (actually a tuber, not a nut)

21. Seaweed Snacks (again make sure ingredients are compliant)

22. Mashed Sweet Potatoes – with cinnamon and coconut oil

23. Smoked Salmon

24. Dried Fruit ** (dehydrated and freeze-dried)

25. Fresh fruit **

**Try to stay away from these as much as you can as well. If you must have fresh fruit, try to eat it with some fat and/or protein at the same time, like avocado, coconut butter, olives, sardines, chicken, or coconut flakes to balance out your blood sugar.


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