This has been such a fun week for me – I got to host a meal planning challenge to teach you guys how easy and efficient meal planning can be. I am always amazed by how meal planning can seem soooo time consuming and how even so-called meal planning experts get it oh so wrong. I mean, I guess if you want to spend half your Sunday looking through cookbooks or going down that rabbit hole of looking stuff up on the internet… cue the 2 hours later and every Facebook status checked and all funny cat videos watched.

I know I usually post my blogs on Monday morning, but since I just finished this challenge I wanted to give all y'all that didn't participate a chance to get the goods too. This challenge consisted of baby steps – around 15 minutes a day for 5 days, and in the end you'd have an organized, customized system for meal planning that wouldn't take you hours each week. In fact, I followed right along and was able to do my plan for next week in under 15 minutes. Sure beats the days of being overwhelmed and hardly having a cohesive plan after an hour.

This challenge covered a simple, basic way of meal planning that isn't specific to the Paleo diet or any diet in particular. Just whatever works for you and what you need/want to follow.

My challenge participants received detailed instructions, but here are the cliff notes, worksheets, and Facebook Live replays in case you want to do this for yourself! The basic gist? Get meals that you like, know are fast, and want to try WRITTEN DOWN and then classify them according to time restraints.

Day 1 – The task was to fill out 5-10 of your favorite tried and true recipes on a Favorite Meals Worksheet.

Get the Favorites worksheet and instructions

See the Facebook Live with more info on the Favorites

Day 2- The task was to fill out 5-10 tried and true recipes that take UNDER 30 minutes on a Fast Meals worksheet.

Download the Fast Meals worksheet and instructions

See the Facebook Live replay with more info on Fast Meals

Day 3 – The task was to fill out 5-10 recipes (or set a timer for 15 minutes to stay focused and not start checking Facebook) that are meals you want to try but haven't yet on your Meals to Try worksheet

Download the Meals to Try worksheet and instructions

See the Facebook Live replay with more info on Meals to Try

Day 4 – The task was to color code the recipes you wrote down according to amount of time they would take/situations they are appropriate for

Download the Color Coding Guide and instructions

See the Facebook Live replay with more info on Color Coding

Day 5- The task was to fill out your Meal Planner!

Download the Meal Planning sheet and instructions

See the Facebook Live replay with more info on filling out the Meal Planner

This challenge was meant to get you into the mode of efficiently planning out your meals quickly and organizing them in a way that will help you stay on the diet you want to eat.


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