You ever get into those reflective moods and wonder if what you're doing with your life is the RIGHT thing?

I think so often we get started on the right path, and then things happen, whether from your own doing or an external force, and suddenly you find yourself down some side road – perhaps not doing exaaactly what you had planned.

When I was in Mexico a few weeks ago I spent a LOT of time on the beach doing “life contemplation time”. Sometimes this was sober, sometimes under the influence of some fruity rum drink or two 🙂

Life Contemplation Time with a Dreambook Planner

It was time well spent though. Taking time away from all your devices and things that compete for your time is extremely helpful and allows this space to think that you might not otherwise get. I highly recommend you do this if you can. It doesn't have to be on a beach either – your couch is a perfectly good place to do this, but with the tv off and your phone in another room. (This is also different than meditation. Meditation is trying to achieve the absence of thought, this encourages thought.)

One of the things I realized during my “life contemplation time” was that I really enjoy making and editing videos. I've been making short Instagram stories for a while that people seem to love, but they are so short it is often hard to really share too much in them. Then it hit me…

I needed to start doing my vlog again – but make each episode shorter. I started doing some vlog episodes last summer (here's us camping, a 4th of July Picnic, and my son and I climbing an alpine mountain), but they were long. Like at least 8 minutes.

While this is fine in terms of vlogs, they were a lot of work on my part and not something I could keep up with. However, I figured if I made them somewhere in between my ultra-short IG stories and a regular vlog length, I could do it. And that's how I gave myself the challenge of making a vlog every day for a year.

My plan is to make them around 2 minutes each. Sometimes they are a bit longer, sometimes a lot shorter.

They are snippets of my life and family. They show how I live as someone who eats and lives a primarily Paleo diet and lifestyle. It's real. I don't have the energy nor desire to dress these up and make them fake. You'll see me without makeup (some days), my kitchen messy, me eating stuff I shouldn't. You'll also see me give you tips on making things easier, things I like, and ideas for what to eat or do. And some days they won't have a darn thing to do with Paleo, health, or wellness – it'll just be me and my life.

I post them each day on Facebook and YouTube. So depending on which platform you like best, if you want to see these make sure you subscribe. Do note that Facebook's upcoming new algorithm is gonna make it a lot harder to see my stuff, so either make sure you choose to see my posts first or just go ahead and subscribe on YouTube instead.

We are on Day 15 and here are the vlogs I've made so far this year (I'm linking to the YouTube videos):

Jan 1 was just an announcement that I was doing this

Jan 2 – Mexico Part 1

Jan 3 – Day Trip to Puerto Vallarta Mexico

Jan 4 – Fish Eat Wheat? Having fish while Celiac is hard!

Jan 5 – Behind the Scenes of a Facebook Live

Jan 6 – A Winter's Day in Boulder, CO

Jan 7 – We've had our Puppy for a Year

Jan 8 – Snack time: Paleo Crepes

Jan 9 – Confessions of a Hip Pack Junkie

Jan 10 – I've Got Butter in My Coffee.. for Dry Skin?

Jan 11 – My Top 5 Paleo Cookbooks <– This has been my most popular one so far


Jan 12 – Getting Fit Without Doing a “Workout”

Jan 13 – Paleo Pancakes

Jan 14 – Feeling Great on my 41st Birthday


My Top 5 Paleo cookbooks and other Paleo vlogs - snippets of the life of a mom of 2 who follows the Paleo diet and lifestyle the majority of the time



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