Homemade Gifts (Recipe Book and Printable Labels)

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When it comes to gift giving, do you struggle with what to get people? A homemade gift can be the perfect solution. It says you care while also giving the recipient something they will most likely actually use. Who doesn't want to be pampered?

This Homemade Gifts Book and coordinating printable labels make it so simple to do  Flip through the book to get ideas of what you might want to make, then print out the corresponding labels to quickly make your items look professional and chic!

Give one or more of these gifts to someone and see them smile. DIY gifts like this make a great option for teachers, hostess gifts, and for friends and family as well. Maybe a stocking stuffer at Christmas time?

With your purchase you get the recipes and coordinating labels for 16 different homemade gift ideas (bath & beauty products and a few home products like hand soap and room spray). The labels all have a similar look and feel so you can create a beautiful, cohesive collection.

The labels are meant to be printed on 8.5 x 11 inch full sheet sticker/label paper and then cut out individually. The tags are meant to be printed on cardstock paper.

This is an instant download and you will receive a .ZIP file of the Homemade Gifts book, the printable labels/gift tags, and recipes for making multiple batches of each product.


2 reviews for Homemade Gifts (Recipe Book and Printable Labels)

  1. Denise Liebig

    Video was very simple to fallow!

    • Michele

      yay, I’m glad 🙂 That’s what I hoped!

  2. Noël S

    I love your homemade recipes! Happy Christmas Michelle!

    • Michele

      Thanks so much Noel!

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