30-Day Journal (Printed Version)


When you want to get healthy, simply eating better won't always get you there.

Maybe there are certain foods you have unknown allergies or sensitivities to. Or maybe that terrible sleep you're getting is caused by that tomato you had yesterday.

The 30-Day Wellness Journal is a food tracker meant for people who really want to feel better.

Instead of tracking calories and weight loss, this journal is a space where you can note down the foods you ate, your movement and exercise, stress level, energy level, your sleep quality, and any symptoms you've felt throughout the day.

Then on a weekly basis, compare the symptoms to see if any have gone away or gotten better!

There's nothing better than realizing that something that was hampering the quality of your life is poof – gone!

Developed by a mom who suffers from two autoimmune diseases and manages them through diet and lifestyle, this tracker helps you decipher what foods and lifestyle choices might be causing you to see symptoms.

The patterns you gain insight from while using this provides a customized map to you feeling so much better. This journal is great for monitoring your food during a strict 30-day effort, like a Whole30 or AIP, but also for just getting a general idea of how you feel over a month period using ANY dietary method.

Are you ready to see how your food and lifestyle choices are REALLY affecting you? Get the 30-Day Wellness Tracker to start finding out!

(Want the ebook version that you can print yourself? Get that here)



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