I wanted to get this post out today because I know a lot of people are putting up Christmas trees this weekend, and it's a pretty normal activity to partake in a bit of hot chocolate while either obtaining a tree out in the great outdoors or putting it up in your house. Or at least it is in mine. And I swear all recipes on this site won't involve chocolate. But it does seem to be a theme, eh? Hmm…

I like to keep a pre-made mix around so that when the occasion arises it's simple to just scoop out a bit of mix, add it to milk, and heat. Occasions like when you are busy putting up your tree or when you just slogged back into your house after shoveling 10 feet of snow off of your driveway and sledded down enough hills with your kids to remove all the skin off your knuckles and you can't feel your face.

Easy Paleo Recipes

It is also a fantastic gift idea to give someone a pre-made hot chocolate mix that they just need to mix with the milk (dairy-free or not) of choice, so should you be needing an inexpensive and easy to make gift this year, look no further! Just put it in a clear cellophane bag and place it in a pretty mug with a few cinnamon sticks and a card with instructions and you are set! See below for a free printable that I have whipped up that you can use as the gift tag.  And if you so choose, you can also give them homemade marshmallows, my choice being this recipe by Jenni of The Urban Poser.


Paleo Hot Chocolate pre-made mix by Thriving On Paleo

Update 10/31/2017 – I made a Facebook Live video about this showing you how easy it is to make (posted on YouTube so everyone can watch it)



This recipe is for the mix, see the notes if you want to make it to drink now.

Paleo Pre-Made Hot Chocolate Mix

Preparation 5 minutes Serves Makes 10 cups     adjust servings



  • •1 cup Cocoa Powder
  • •2/3 cup Coconut Sugar
  • •1.25 tsp Cinnamon
  • •1.25 tsp Sea Salt


Mix all of the ingredients in a small bowl, multiplying as necessary for the amount you want. Store in a glass jar. When making the hot chocolate to drink either you or the recipient would whisk it with 1 cup of milk of their choice and heat. Our favorite is almond milk.


Recipe Notes

Another great addition would be 1 tsp of Vanilla Powder (but be cautioned it isn't listed on the gift tags)

**Also, if you only want to make one cup at a time, it's 1.5 tbs cocoa powder, 1 tbs coconut sugar, 1/8 tsp cinnamon, and 1/8 tsp sea salt per cup.  Whisk into 1 cup of milk of choice and then heat.

Use this free printable as a gift tag! It's a PDF document so all you need to do is open it up and print and cut apart with scissors. No fancy crafting skills needed. Best if printed on cardstock (you know, for the gift tag-y effect) but I don't think anyone would mind if you use the ole office printer to just print it out on regular 8.5″ x 11″ paper… (The PDF is for 6 tags)


Paleo Hot Chocolate Mix Gift Tag Printable


Paleo Hot Chocolate by Thriving On Paleo


This scene below features the fabulous AIP Chewy “Chocolate” Chunk Cookies by Flame To Fork. I used chocolate chips instead of their Carob Chips this time, but these cookies are so good that I'll probably use them as my go-to chocolate chip recipe from now on. They are nut-free and egg-free which is a huge bonus for bringing them to my kids' school! I also have given these to several non-Paleo friends and they thought they were delicious too.

Paleo Hot Chocolate Pre-Made Mix and Drink by Thriving On Paleo



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Paleo Hot Chocolate Pre-Made Mix recipe and Drink, with printable holiday gift tag

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