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You know how subscription boxes are all the rage these days? I mean, we get a few for the kids with crafts, my in-laws get one with their meals for the week, and I've been seeing all sorts of buzz lately about meat boxes. So when Grass Roots Farmers' Coop contacted me asking if I'd like to get a box of their pastured, grass-fed meats and do a giveaway, I was definitely intrigued.

Let's get through the transparency mumbo jumbo here: I was given this box for free but all opinions are MY own. And trust me, the more I do this stuff, the more opinionated I get.

But let's back up here. I've been trying out all sorts of online “convenience” things lately. Amazon Fresh was one of them and I have to say while it was surely EASY, I was so bummed with the amount of waste that came out of the box that I've been too ashamed to do it again. Much better all around for me to get off my lazy butt and go to the damn grocery store.

So when I hear of new boxes like this I do have to say I view them with a healthy bit of skepticism. Is it REALLY better/more convenient or will I wish I had just spent the 30 minutes shopping? (You do have to realize, I'm part Irish and was raised Roman Catholic so guilt is part of my genetic makeup)

Grass Roots logoWhat is Grass Roots Farmers' Cooperative?

First of all, the stats on Grass Roots:

  • Group of small-scale, sustainable family farmers in Arkansas called Grass Roots, who raise chickens, turkeys, hogs and cattle on 100% fresh pasture
  • Despite being from one of the poorest rural counties in Arkansas, these farmers are truly innovative — they use the most advanced agricultural methods to regenerate soil, and are the only meat producers in the U.S. who track every single item they sell from farm to plate using block chain technology.
  • Their box is 100% customizable, and they're the only box on the market that's farmer-owned.
  • Their farmers earn a healthy income in the co-op (70 cents out of every dollar spent goes back to the farmer), compared to farmers who grow for big agribusiness and are essentially indentured servants.


Impressive, right?

farming family sitting on farming equipment

The Grass Roots Farmers' Cooperative is an Arkansas-based, member-owned livestock producer's cooperative operating by the highest principles and standards of pasture-based production methods.


The Process of Ordering a Grass Roots Meat Box

The process of choosing the meat was easy. I just went to their store and figured out the cuts that my family eats most and ordered them. You enter into a monthly subscription at this point for the same cuts, but you can always cancel or change your order at any time.

But what about when the box came?

Well, you can watch this video to see the unboxing and all that I got:


Or just read here:

  • Everything arrived in great shape, completely frozen
  • The shipping PACKAGING was amazing. It all was paper and a cardboard box that I can recycle and a green foam thing that can dissolve in water. I was IMPRESSED.
  • I got quite a lot for $100, even though it was pastured, grass-fed, forested, sustainable, humanely treated meat
  • And so far, we've eaten a few items and they've been delicious


Try out a Grass Roots Meat Box

Want to try them out? There are two easy ways to do so:

(1) Order your own box at Grass Roots Farmers' Cooperative and get $50 off your first box with code NEWYOU50

(2) Enter the giveaway below to get $100 worth of meat for FREE


Contest Rules: US Residents only. Contest runs from 2/12/18 to 2/20/18 at 12 am MST. You must enter the giveaway below and can get entries for each of the steps you take. Winner must be willing to take a picture of themselves with their winning box and have it shared on Grass Root's and Thriving On Paleo's social media channels. No purchase necessary to win. 

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