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free guide - Natural Autoimmune Disease relief using diet

Natural Autoimmune Relief Guide


  • What is autoimmune disease?
  • Why taking medications isn’t all you need to do
  • Why common things you do every day keep your symptoms going
  • What autoimmune diet options there are
  • What's the best autoimmune disease diet for you
20 Easy Paleo Recipes - free cookbook

Easy Paleo Recipes Book

20 Easy Paleo Recipes that take less than 30 minutes to make

Download the free Paleo Quick Start Guide to learn exactly what Paleo is and how to best start!

Paleo Quick Start Guide

Is Paleo overwhelming or do you not know where to start? This Paleo Quick start guide breaks it down for you

Free 5 Day Paleo Meal Plan

5-Day Paleo Meal Plan

5 days of Paleo recipes laid out in a done-for-you meal plan with batch cooking instructions and a shopping list

Not mine, but still great freebies!*

5 Paleo Snacks your kids can make

5 Paleo Snacks Your Kids Can Make

(This one is great for teaching your kids how to cook. Probably the BEST way to get kids in on a diet different than what they eat now)

The Paleo Mom free Paleo ebooks

The Paleo Mom Free Members Area

Free, unlimited access to dozens of downloadable e-books, exclusive recipes, printables, videos, guides, and discounts – all from one of my favorite, most knowledgeable Paleo bloggers (the Paleo Mom)


*I might be an affiliate for these, which means if you buy a product that they sell after downloading their freebie, I might earn a small commission. This doesn't cost you any more money, and in fact, some of the ones above that are included actually get you pretty substantial discounts on products if you go this route. However – there is NO obligation for you to buy anything when downloading any freebie – they are just that, free! I include them here because I think they are fantastic resources.

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