Hi! I'm Michele Spring. I'm a certified health coach and mom of 2 young boys who has overcome adrenal fatigue and put both Hashimoto's Thyroiditis and Celiac autoimmune diseases into remission using the Paleo diet and lifestyle. I feel better now at 40 than I did at 25. Seriously. This blog is meant to help all of you who might be feeling like “meh” is the new normal – it's not! Get your life back and feel fantastic using nutrient dense recipes that taste amazing and lifestyle changes that are easy to incorporate into your every day life.


Fancy Pants Ants on a Log

If you love the popular snack, Ants on a Log, you will love this fun twist. Add whatever toppings you desire! Ants on a Log is like one of those prerequisites for growing up. Like EVERY kids has to have it at least once. Not all might actually like it, but most do,...
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How to Freeze Blueberries (or any other small things)

Freezing blueberries, other berries, veggies, or even things like chicken nuggets is really easy and it does NOT have to come out in a big clump How many times have you frozen something and it just comes out in one gigantic freezer-burned clump? I mean, you can...
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Coconut Cauliflower Rice

This 10 minute cauliflower rice dish is an extremely easy, yet flavorful side dish recipe. Even if you aren't the biggest fan of cauliflower rice (like me), you should try this one! Yeah, I, Ms. Paleo Blogger, am not a big fan of cauliflower rice. "GASP", you say......
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