Hi! I'm Michele Spring. I'm a certified health coach and mom of 2 young boys who has overcome adrenal fatigue and put both Hashimoto's Thyroiditis and Celiac autoimmune diseases into remission using the Paleo diet and lifestyle. I feel better now at 40 than I did at 25. Seriously. This blog is meant to help all of you who might be feeling like “meh” is the new normal – it's not! Get your life back and feel fantastic using nutrient dense recipes that taste amazing and lifestyle changes that are easy to incorporate into your every day life.


Paleo Pizza Egg Muffins (and what we ate mountain climbing vlog)

These Paleo egg muffins are dairy-free and gluten-free, yet have the flavors of yummy pizza. Make these ahead of time for a quick breakfast on the go. In yet another installment of my "wow, look at my exciting life that happens during the summer but completely gets...
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A Paleo Picnic (what we ate)

Paleo picnic foods aren't too hard to make. If you are going to a picnic you probably planned on making the food yourself anyway. Just make it grain-free instead! Are you sensing a theme here? First I take you to an amusement park, then camping, and now on a picnic....
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Paleo Camping- Vlog and Recipe for Hobo Packet

Paleo camping  - yet another classic summer activity that takes on a new twist when you are on a special diet. Whether you have food allergies or are just trying to be healthy, camping while Paleo is definitely different A few years ago I wrote a post about a camping...
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